MEDICBK Website Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Website)

1. General provisions

1.1 This document, the Privacy Policy, hereinafter referred to as the "Policy", defines the procedure for the collection of personal information from Users, the purposes and methods of its processing by MedicBook Limited Liability Company (ITN: 5408310738, PSRN: 1145476114706; located at: Novosibirsk, 12 Nikolaev Street, location 7, postal code: 630090), hereinafter referred to as the Website.

1.2 At the moment of registration on the Website, the User ticking the box "I agree", which contains a link to this Policy, gives its written voluntary consent to processing of Personal Information in the manner and on the terms of this Policy.

1.3 This Policy is an integral part of the User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) which is available at: and which the User accepts in full, performing the action specified in paragraph 1.2 of this Policy.

1.4 The Website at its own discretion applies all available methods of processing personal information including any actions and operations of the User on the Website. The information collected will be linked to the User's account and stored on the Website.

1.5 Personal information is information provided by the User during registration, including personal data, as well as other information received about the User as a result of his actions on the Website.

1.6 The User is expected to enter information to the Website, including the creation of Content in good faith and to consent to its processing and storage by the Website. However, the Website is not responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted by the User to the Website and is not obliged to verify it.

1.7 The User has the right at any time, using the functionality of the Website, to change their information in their account, as well as to make a request for its deletion or refusal to provide information about themselves by sending notification/request to the e-mail:

1.8 In the event of a User's request to remove or prohibit the use of information about themselves, the Website shall block the User's access to the Website and the Website reserves the right to use previously saved information about the User for its own purposes in full and shall not be obliged to remove any Content that the User has previously created on the Website.

1.9 The Web Service performs storage of Personal information, ensures its safety from unauthorized use in accordance with the current Policy and internal regulations especially those implemented at the software level.

1.10 The Website has the right to unilaterally and without prior notice to the User make changes or completely terminate this Policy. New versions of the Policy are available at:

2. Requested information

2.1 When registering on the Website, the User fills in the mandatory fields of the registration form without which the registration is not accepted by the Website and the User is not granted access. The User has the right to make a decision not to provide this information during the registration process and by submitting it he/she gives his/her consent to its use and storage by the Website.

2.1.1 The list of mandatory fields for registration: login (user name), e-mail address, Specialisation, Status.

2.1.2 As far as the functionality of the Website is concerned the User gives their consent to the provision of information about their Status to other Users and to the display of their E-mail Address. This information about the User is shown to the other Users: in the status of Expert Doctor, in the case when the User asks to check the results of the passed test. Also the information is shown to the Users in the status of Key Opinion Leader in cases where the User in the status of Expert Doctor has performed analysis of articles and created Content for its further processing or checking by the Users in the status of Key Opinion Leader.

2.2 Additional, optional fields in the form of registration of the User are filled in by the User at their own discretion. This information can be provided to third parties in an anonymous form.

2.3 In addition to the above requests for information, the Website may provide impersonal information about the User using the software, to which the User agrees and which includes programs for the collection of analytical data and advertising services of Google, Yandex, Facebook, VKontakte. However the Website is not responsible for the use of the User's information with such software in the process of working on the Website.

2.4 The creation of Content by the User on the Website is initiated by the User using the functionality of the Website and is stored on the Website. Access to the Content created by the User to other Users or third parties is provided in an impersonal form, except for the cases specified in clause 2.1.2 of this Policy.

3. Aims and methods of processing personal information

3.1 For the purposes of registering the User on the Website, the User shall provide the User's e-mail address to which the message confirming the authenticity of the User's registration on the Website is sent.

3.2 In the future the User's e-mail address may be provided to other Users of the Website in accordance with clause 2.1.2 of this Policy in order to enable interaction between Users on the Website. Together with the E-mail Address, the information may contain information on the Status and Speciality, which the User provided during the registration process and other information from the optional fields of the registration form.

3.3 The User Status specified during registration differentiates the functionality of the Website that is available to the User.

3.4 The information specified in other fields of the registration form of the User's data, as well as the Content that the User creates on the Website, may be used by the Website and provided to third parties, other Users in the cases described below in paragraphs 3.4.1 - 3.4.3 of this Policy.

3.4.1 Conclusion of the Website Agreement with the User, storage and displaying of the User's account data on the Website in order to implement the functionality of the Website with the conclusion of the Agreement remotely in electronic form using the User's login and password to his account, as an electronic signature of the User.

3.4.2 Sending notices to the User from the Website to the User's e-mail address as part of the User's services notifications and regulations of the Website and of the functionality of the Website, including the provision of technical support to the User on arising issues, as well as information from the Website's partners.

3.4.3 The use of impersonal User data from the fields of the registration form and User Content for advertising purposes of the Website, marketing research and statistics, including the transfer of impersonal information from the Website to third parties in these cases.

3.5 The Website stores all User data including the Content for the purposes of complying with the requirements of EU law, for a period of one year from the date of termination of User's activities on the Website. In order to improve the quality of the Website's operation and create the possibility for legal protection the Website may store log files on the actions taken by the User on the Website for the entire period.

3.6 The processing of the User's personal information by the Website is carried out with the use of automation means using modern methods of encryption (HTTPS, SSL/TLS protocols). If the User provides their personal data on paper or other electronic media it is processed without using any means of automation.

3.7 Upon the expiration of the term of processing and storage of the User's personal data or upon achievement of the purposes of their processing by the Website, the personal data will be deleted or destroyed, unless otherwise provided by law, this Policy or the Agreement.

3.8 The Website has the right to transfer the accumulated personal information of the User into the possession, use or ownership of third parties as part of ownership transfer of the Website to third parties. The Website has the right to transfer this information about the User to an authorized state body - at the request of a court or other legislative procedure, as well as to protect its rights and legitimate interests.
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