User Agreement for the use of the MEDICBK Website (the "Website") of 27.02.2020

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This document is an offer addressed to all able-bodied adult individuals (including registered individual entrepreneurs) and legal entities to accept the following conditions, collectively referred to as the Agreement and this Agreement.

Your continued use of this Website and the Services offered on it (upon registration on the Website) constitutes your full and unconditional acceptance of these Terms.

If you do not agree to any of these Terms you may not use this Website and its Services (from here on referred to as the "Service"). Please read this Agreement carefully.

Content hereinafter is defined as Information creator by the User through viewing information on the Website and based on his or her own experience, published or recorded on the Website through any actions by the user.

1. General Provisions

1.1. The terms and conditions of this Agreement represent a legally binding agreement between You (hereinafter referred to as the User) and the Service for your use of the Service, which is provided to you by MedicBook Limited Liability Company (ITN: 5408310738, PSRN: 1145476114706; located at: Novosibirsk, 12 Nikolaev Street, location 7, postal code: 630090, Russian Federation).

1.2. The Terms regulate all Users of the Service for the use and viewing of the Service Content, including texts, software and other materials present on the Website, after the mandatory Registration and/or authorization of each User.

1.3. If the Registration is performed by the User on behalf of the legal entity or company that authorized him (hereinafter jointly referred to as the "Company"), the Company accepts this Agreement and undertakes to comply with the terms of this Agreement in favor of the Service, in cases that lead to any legal proceedings or any other actions that lead to liability of the Service including claims related to the deterioration of health of third parties, liability for financial claims, as well as all costs of the Service in such legal proceedings.

1.4. Within the framework of this Agreement the Service allows you to place, store and receive regulated access to Content depending on the User's Status. At the same time the Service does not make any changes to the User's Content and has the right to use User's Content, in the interests of the Service, in the rights of a simple gratuitous license from the User.

1.5. The Service does not control the content of the Content posted by Users on the Website, is not obliged to check its content for its authenticity, safety for the health of third parties and other requirements under of current legislation. This responsibility is entirely held by the User.

1.6. The User's Status and access to the features of the Service is determined by other Users who have received their Status from the Service. In some cases at the request of the Service the Status is given only when the User provides supporting information about themselves, including but not limited to: documents confirming their specialisation, work place, academic degree of the User. The Service unilaterally has the right not to confirm or block the User's Status, as well as to limit or completely block the User's access to the Service website without explaining the reasons.

1.7. Registration of the User is carried out according to the rules of the Service, with the completion of the mandatory sections of information about the User, which among other things, determines the possible status of the User. Upon completion of the Registration, a Personal Account and a User Account are created and access to the functionality of the Service is provided depending on the confirmed Status.

1.8. The User undertakes provision of reliable and complete information contained in the Service sections at the time of Registration, as well as to keep the above information up to date. The User cannot pretend to be another person is fully responsible for securing the password to his account, which is created during the Registration. The User undertakes to immediately report any unauthorized use of his account or loss of password to his account and is fully responsible for any actions taken by the account of the User.

1.9. The information about the User contained in the Account and the User's Personal Area is stored and processed by the Service in accordance with the Service Privacy Policy which is described in Section of this Agreement and are available at:

1.10. In the process of interaction with the Service, the User with the help of the functionality of the Service has the right to decide what information related to the functionality and content of the Service he will make available to the public and what information about himself do not make public. At the same time the Service has the right to use the User's non-public information and Content in the interests of the Service, which were obtained as a result of the User's interaction with the Service without violating the User's rights.

1.11. The User has the right to use the Content on the Web Service in order to improve their knowledge or to receive income from the Service for the content created and other targeted actions that the Service defines and offers to the User through its functionality and this Agreement. The User is not entitled to use the Content and other functionalities of the Service for commercial purposes, including, but not limited to, a ban on the sale of the Content of the Web Service by the User to third parties, without written permission of the Service.

1.12. The Service has the right to send out on its own behalf to the Users' e-mail address specified during the registration of the User, with the content of information about the work of the Service or important events and other Content which is provided by partners of the Service.

1.13. The Service reserves the right to make changes to this Agreement at its own discretion, without prior notice to the User. The User shall regularly check the Agreement for any changes made. New versions of the Agreements will be published at: or provided at the moment of interaction between the User and the Service. If the User does not agree with the new terms and conditions of the Agreement, he must stop using the Service. Continued use of the Service after the published new terms of the Agreement by the User means their agreement with the new terms of the Agreement.

2. Restrictions on the use of the Service

2.1. The Service provides access to the User under the condition of conscientious use of the Service`s features. Use of the Service for other purposes and methods not specified in this Agreement is prohibited and not limited to the list of the restrictions below.

2.1.1. The User undertakes not to distribute any Content, parts of the Website or software features of the Service on any medium without prior written permission of the Service, except for the available methods that are provided to the User on the Website.

2.1.2. The User undertakes not to access the Content by any means other than those available on the Website.To not perform any actions that may lead to the breach of the Website security and protection of the Content stored and/or used by the Service.

2.1.3. The User undertakes not to collect and extract any personal data related to any User of the Service, except for the cases of work with such information within the framework of using the Service.

2.1.4 The User undertakes not to violate rights for trademark use, copyrights of third parties including the rights for the Content, as well as other ways that entail the violation of individual or public copyrights.

2.1.5. The User undertakes not to use the features provided by the Service for the purpose of commercial use by the User, unless it is permitted by the Service in writing and contained in this Agreement and in the information on the Website.

2.2. Violation by the User of clause 2.1. of this Agreement is the basis for the Service to restrict or completely block the User's access to the Service, including access to their Content without any prior notice to the User from the Service.

2.3. The Service is not responsible for any Content created or posted by the User on the Website. The User is solely responsible for the self-published Content on the Website, including liability to third parties, related to the health of third parties or other non-property and property rights of third parties which are violated as a result of the User's actions within the functionality of the Service.

2.4. The User acknowledges the exclusive right of the Service to block the User's Content that is created and/or published within the functionality of the Service, if such Content violates the copyrights of third parties or leads to actions that endanger the health and life of third parties, violates anyone's rights for the use of trademark or other conditions that contradict of current legislation.

2.5. The User understands that the Service is in a constant process of changes, additions and updates of its functionality and as a consequence, the User accepts changes in the functionality of the Service including all possible temporary or permanent restrictions of available functions without any prior notice from the Service and approval of such changes by the User.

2.6. The User uses the Service for their own purposes assuming their own risk and consequences from the proposed functionality of the Service as it is available to the User, including the results obtained from the use of the Content received on the Service Website. This paragraph excludes any possible liability of the Service in this regard and excludes any resulting negative consequences for the Service.

2.7. The User acknowledges its obligation to reimburse the Service in the event of their imposition and recovery from the Service, as a result of actions that were performed by the User against third parties, due to the violation of the terms of this Agreement or the current of legal prohibitions.

3. Intellectual property rights and content

3.1. All Content and all elements of the Service available to the User, including, but not limited to: design, texts, graphics, tests, links, computer programs, databases, statistics, "likes" and "dislikes", surveys and other objects posted on the Website - are subject to the exclusive rights of the Service, Users and other rights holders.

3.2. The Service provides the User with the right to use the Service within the limits of its general functionality. The User, as the owner of the Service`s account may provide the Content, understanding and accepting the condition that regardless of whether the Content is published or not - the Service does not guarantee confidentiality on the created Content.

3.3. The User retains all rights to its Content and agrees to provide the Service with a simple (non-exclusive) license to use the Content, at the time of adding, creating the Content for the Web Service for the entire period of validity of the exclusive rights to the objects of copyright and (or) related rights on the added Content for its use in all countries of the world. At the same time, the User guarantees that he has the necessary right (license) to dispose the added Content.

3.4. A simple license granted by the User gives the Service the right to process, distribute or create new Content based on the provided Content belonging to the Service and provide access to it to other Users within the functionality of the Service.

3.5. The Service is not obliged to store the provided or created Content of the User, as well as to inform the User about its use by the Service or other Users or third parties.

3.6. All Content of the Web Service, except for the Content created by the User on the Web Site, belongs to the Service or other Users and is subject to the terms of this Agreement on copyright and other rights.

3.7. The User guarantees the Service not to upload or create Content which is illegal under the current legislation. The Service reserves the right, but is not obliged, to block the publication of the Content with its deletion in case of violation of this Agreement by the User, at any time without prior notice to the User.

3.8. In case the User finds the Content on the Website that does not meet the requirements of this Agreement, the User has the right to notify the Service of this by sending a letter to the e-mail address: At the same time the Service is not responsible for possible and real consequences that may arise from the use of such Content by the User or third parties.

3.9. The Service content may contain links to articles and sites where they are stored on the Internet (third party sites) which the Service does not check for compliance with any requirements (reliability, completeness, legality, etc.). The Service also cannot recommend these links. The Service is not responsible for any information, materials posted on third party websites to which the User has accessed via links on the Website.

4. Final provisions

4.1. The parties have agreed to apply the laws of the EU to their relations.

4.2. If the User violates the terms of this Agreement and fails to act on the part of the Service, it does not deprive the Service of the right to take further actions related to the protection of its interests and does not mean that the Service waives its rights.

4.3. This Agreement shall come into force from the moment of registration of the User on the Web Service and shall remain in force until a new version of the Agreement.

4.4. If one or more of the provisions of this Agreement are found invalid or unenforceable, the validity and applicability of the remaining provisions of the Agreement shall not be affected.
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