Big Data + Artificial Intelligence

The platform with digital model of patients - AI for Cardiology

Identifies the most significant risk factors

Creates forecasts of events which are likely to happen based on the clinical outcomes

Allows to appoint and plan optimal therapy and select drugs based on efficacy and safety of identified risk factors, special characteristics of patients

    Services of the platform create independent ecosystem - accumulation and interpretation of Big Data by algorithms
      Evaluation of effectiveness and cost of treatment, planning of purchase of drugs according to the registry data - for Ministry of Health, Insurance and Pharmaceutical companies, managers of healthcare institutions
    • Training stimulator on virtual patients
      Increasing commitment of clinicians to clinical recommendations, shaping knowledge on efficacy and safety of drugs, reducing clinicians' mistakes and updating treatment possibility
    • Clinical Decision Support System
      Objective and complete information on optimal treatment for patients on offline and online appointments (telemedicine) which saves clinicians' time and increases the quality of help

    MedicBK is developed by clinicians and for clinicians

    • Using statistical data, the service allows doctors to make informed choices about the most effective treatment to offer to a particular patient by taking into account their specific risk factors and health profile

      MedicBK works by identifying the most significant risk factors of a particular case and provides a range of possible treatment options based on current official guidelines
    • What sets this software apart from others is that it performs calculations comparing the efficacy and safety of available medication or intervention treatment for a specified condition by using network meta-analysis. Each of the possible treatment options are compared against each other by taking into account the health profile of the patient.

      The model is created on databases of patients from randomized clinical trials

    Partnership with sectoral players in order to integrate the platform and create "Big Data Hub"

    • Integration with EHR, organization of partnership network to sell licenses to clinics: EHR providers, Insurance companies, Ministry of Health
      Personification of the therapy based on updated Big Data from the platform will result in constant demand for MedicBK services

      Expected market share: 10%-50% from market volume of licenses (table "Market volume")
    • Creation of Hub ecosystem with data operators, sale of results of processed data
      Quality data provide interest to Pharmaceutical companies in R&D and as correlation statistics of selected drugs by clinicians for cohorts of patients

      Pharmaceutical companies will also be offered paid advertising of commerce drugs' names in separate department of services "Training stimulator" and "CDSS", whereas on the main page clinicians will be able to see only International Non-commerce Names of drugs

      Expected revenue from Pharmaceutical companies corresponds to the level of license revenue and is mirrored to the size of the audience of the platform

    creates instruments for broad application of evidence-based medicine and Big Data for every patient

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