Medical Knowledge Base
for finding optimal therapy


Doctors receive up-to-date information on the effectiveness of medicine, treatment methods for diseases and comorbidities - they can use the Service during the reception.
Improve their level of knowledge online by reviewing Abstracts and key findings from relevant articles and reading the summery of practitioners.
They save time by compiling information from a vast amount of data. Gain the rationale for prescribing treatments and reduce the risk of subjective decision-making.

Our mission is to engage a wide range of doctors
for the formation and application of the current knowledge base
and evidence-based medicine in medical practice.

It is planned to unite the efforts of doctors across countries, to open access to doctors in Russia, EU, USA and Japan in 2019. The Target Audience for Cardiology is 118,000 physicians.

Cardiology will be supplemented by new nosology and TA will be expanded to include therapists and specialized physicians.
Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and Doctor Experts (DE) are key members of MedicBK.

They mark up the text of articles to teach AI algorithms for working with medical texts. Analyzing key fragments of the articles on the basis of which they make their Expert review on Requests.

Pharma have the ability to interact with MEDICBK members to show their ads

Expected revenue from the Pharma is 300 euros per year per user.
Free placement of the INN patent holder company brand.
Paid placement: of the companies in the"Access Sponsors" block + of the medicines in the "Pharma" block + the "Banner for an event" block.
Payment of remuneration to MEDICBK members for the "Expert reviews" published in their groups, which contain a positive review with reference to "Brand name" of the medicine".

Road map Cardiology

August 2019
20+ KOL&DE
May 2020
All Cardiology requests
200+ KOL&DE, 2000+ D
November 2020
+ New nosology
400+ KOL&DE, 4000+ D
December 2021
Cardiology + 4 nosologies
60 000 KOL&DE&D,
including 23 000 cardiologists (20% from TA)

Cash flow

September 2018 - December 2019
Investments: 500 000 euros. R&D, Customer Development, first release.
Investments: 1 500 000 euros. Revenue: 500 000 euros.
Total costs: 3 000 000 euros. Revenue: 5 000 000 euros.

We are glad to discuss partnerships and investments.

We propose to meet on the margins of the ESC-conference
in Paris from 1st to 4th
of September.

More information about us and access to the current version of the service is available on the website:

Alexander Romanov
MD PhD FESC FHRS FEHRA Arrhythmia Department and Electrophysiology Laboratory, E. Meshalkin National medical research center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
Denis Losik
MD, PhD cardiologist of arrhythmia department National medical research of the Ministry of Health RF named E.N. Meshalkin. Silver member EHRA and Heart Failure.
Konstantin Armyanov
Alexei Penskhih
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