Partnership with Pharmaceutical Companies


Pharma have the ability to interact with MEDICBK members to show their information.
Doctors' opinion on the group of medicine
The data are formed on the basis of the like/dislike of the MEDICBK Recommendations. Anonymized information contains signs of geolocation / place of work and specialty of study participants.
Registered medicine trials
It is carried out according to the given outcomes on the basis of the MEDICBK Recommendations.
Doctors record the prescription of the medicine and mark the result for each patient within 2-3 months.
Paid placement in the adds block
The Company's Brand in the "Access Sponsors" block is displayed on all work pages. Up to five Sponsors (2 minimum), will be placed with the transition to the site.

The Banner for an event block is shown on all pages in the lower left corner of the Web-site screen. Are dynamic, with a maximum of two displays on the page, perform a redirect to the site.
    Remuneration for reposting expert opinions in social networks
    Payment of remuneration to MEDICBK members for the "Expert reviews" published in their groups, which contain a positive review with reference to "Brand name" of the medicine".

    We are glad to discuss Partnerships.

    More information about us and access to the current version of the service is available on the website:

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    Denis Losik
    MD, PhD cardiologist of arrhythmia department National medical research of the Ministry of Health RF named E.N. Meshalkin. Silver member EHRA and Heart Failure.
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