Clinical Decision Support Service


estimates drugs effectiveness and safety
of the optimal treatments of each patient

Using statistical data, the service allows doctors to make informed choices about the most effective treatment to offer to a particular patient, taking into account their specific risk factors and health profile

For doctors
The Service enables doctors to obtain comprehensive information on drugs and possible interventions immediately when giving initial diagnosis, taking into account all the patient's characteristics and risk factors. This allows to reduce the risk of taking incorrect decisions and to develop doctors' expertise.
For patients
The Service gives patients the opportunity to get an e-version of prescription and to be fully informed about the treatment details. By means of The Service, the patient shares with the doctor their current data and affects (if wishes) decisions on the treatment strategy.
Planning & control
The service makes it possible for Insurance companies, the Ministry of Health and Medical institutions to monitor the effectiveness of prescribed treatments and to provide a "smart" supply of drugs to minimize repeated hospitalizations and complications.

MedicBK: extensions under development

Version 1.0 (current)
Clinical Decision Support Service (CDSS) Atrial Fibrillation

  • allows doctors to make highly informed choice in each particular case
  • identifies the most significant risk factors
  • provides a range of possible treatment options based on current official advice (ESC, AНA)
  • performs calculations comparing the efficacy and safety of available medication or intervention treatment for a specified condition by network-meta-analysis
  • processes the data using studies published in libraries such as Cohrain, Medline...
Version 2.0
CDSS + Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • interprets medical big data either from external databases or from its own statistics
  • "Drug Planning" Web + API for auto-filling patient profiles
  • "Education" Web & Mobile
  • Conducts registry studies that are going to be published, so that the international scientific community could evaluate and validate its results
Version 3.0
CDSS on all nosologies + "Lifestyle" section for recommendations to the patients

  • apart from Cardiology , deals with 10 more nosologies
  • estimates risk factors and life expectancy of a patient, taking in their current health state and life style
  • monitors currents situation of the patient on-line
  • gives recommendations on exercises, nutritions, etc. to diminish or fully avoid some risks

    Version 2.0 (2020)

    Cardiology up to 95%
    plus multi-center registry study
    Oncology pilot
    (3 nosologies)
    Mobile app
    during the course of treatment,
    gives patients opportunity to
    share current data with the doctors
    Web "Drug Planning & Control"
    does calculations, provides statistical data for adequate supply of medicines,
    makes it possible to monitor prescriptions
    Web&Mobile "Education"
    tests knowledge and increases doctors' expertise; carries out certification

    Project History

    The 1.0 version 1.0 has been developing for 15 months.

    When creating the software, databases, libraries and tools specialized in Medicine and Medical statistics were used (PubMed, cTAKES IBM Watson project, The R Project for Statistical Computing, etc.).

    The service is a platform for collection and interpretation of Big Data, using algorithms.
    The team consists either of physicians-scientists with experience in working on Official Medical Recommendations (ESC), Key Opinion Leaders in the field, or specialists in meta-analysis and engineers with competences in Data Science, Blockchain, Mobile application & messenger.

    The group is going to be expand as the range of nosologies extends.
    Currently, with no MedicBK assistance, it takes 10 to 40 hours to search and analyze publications in PubMed, Cochrane, etc.

    To work directly with scientific publications, a certain competence is required. For this reason, up-to-date information is often available to research physicians rather than to medical practitioners.

    In any case, using with The Service minimizes subjectivity in making decisions when choosing the treatment strategy.
    Each release is tested by an expert group of clinicians from different cities of the Russian Federation (25+ experts in version 1.0).

    The test results showed a significant advantage of the objective perception of The Service data, in comparison with the conventional way of analysis of scientific articles.

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