Healthcare providers
Insurance companies
Health Information Systems

Evaluation of electronic medical records and the use of algorithmic drug procurement
Targeted interacted online training for doctors
Improving clinical outcome predictions

Training Simulator

- Testing, training and improving doctors’ CPG adherence, knowledge of drugs safety and efficiency

- Adherence’s statistics of individual doctors and healthcare institutions

- Automated transitions from hospital information system to MedicBK platform
Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS)
- A possibility to program a clinical case for any patient

- All the required patient’s characteristics are filled in under 5 minutes

- CDSS evaluates the patient and shows available therapy options

Introducing MedicBK digital tools for cardiology and oncology

Standardisation and planning of drugs procurement, distribution among preferential programs
Standardisation and raise of internal quality control level and the effectiveness of medical treatments
Reducing the risk of medical errors and improving CPG adherence by using unique inpatient and outpatient clinical cases
Minimising risks of complications associated with drugs and interventions

INTELLIGENCE research outcomes showed a significant impact of MedicBK on treatment tactics that led to forecast outcomes improvement

A retrospective assessment of the adequacy of treatment choice in patients made by MedicBK, National Medical Research Centre NA Almazov, 2020 Identifier: NCT04564118
291 patients took part in the research

2560 - total number of patients with these diagnoses in 2019, Almazov EHR; 20% – inpatient, 80% – outpatient
Audition of Almazov CPG adherence

Registry evalution of Antihypertensive, Anticoagulant and Antiarrhythmic therapy in MedicBK program
Prescriptions made by Almazov centre experts with the use of MedicBK services
Prescriptions were based on the key patients’ characteristics from EHR, previous prescriptions were blinded
Telemedicine integration for cardiological patients – reducing consultation time by 50% (for a second opinion)

CDSS provides a medical test checklist
A healthcare worker fills the main patient’s characteristics and creates a clinical case in MedicBK (5-10 mins)
Cardiologist / physician
A clinician receives notification from MedicBK service and chooses a therapy from pre-calculated safe-efficiency factors for that particular patient (5-10 mins)
Consulatation conclusion
The patient (or a clinician ) receives a conclusion by app or e-mail. When needed an optional online/offline consultation could be provided

Nosological profiles and cooperation stages
Arterial hypertension
Atrial fibrillation
Oncology: Breast Cancer & NSCLC (Q1 2021)
Conducting a clinical trial
Doctors and specialists access
Beginning of cooperation
Test access for the chief doctor
Nosologies choice
Approval stage
Number of licenses
EHR sample size
Price for Training Simulator + CDSS. Cardiology, 1 nosology
- the licence is given to a doctor
- various nosologies can go in 1 package
- a minimum subscription period is 4 months
8 €/month
package: 100 licenses

4 months subscription: from 3 200 €

4% discount for every 100+ licences
6.8 €/month
package: 500 licenses

4 months subscription: from 13 600 €

5% discount for every 500+ licences
5.8 €/month
package: 2000 licenses

4 months subscription: from 46 400 €

3,5% discount for every 500+ licences
4.8 €/month
package: 5000 licenses

4 months subscription: from 96 000 €

4% discount for every 1000+ licences

Price for "Oncology": 15 €/month for 100 licenses for 1 nosology, 4% discount for every 100+ licences minimum subscription period is 4 months

Price for “Registry data analysis": from 20 € for 1 EHR, a minimum sample size - 100 patients
Services are developed by Research Doctors, for use in evidence-based medicine in practice and as an instrument of digitalisation of medicine by every doctor.
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