Big Data + Artificial Intelligence

The platform is based on a digital model of accumulation and interpretation of Big Data for personified medical solutions
Clinical Decision Support System
Objective and complete information on drugs/interventions which is extracted from clinical recommendations and scientific researches is used - as a result, clinicians are more informed when choosing a treatment and quality data is being registered and accumulated
Hub for Big Data
Implementation of CDSS and Screening through EHR network - it creates ecosystem for accumulation and updating data for subsequent application with scientific purpose for everyday medical practice and pharmacy
Algorithms for projecting events
Accumulation of quality Big Data makes it possible to apply algorithms for modelling and plotting a forecast of events happening based on specified patients' characteristics
Cardiology solution
Healthcare facilities
The platform reduces clinicians' time spent on patients and allows not only cardiologists but also general physicians to provide quality and well-timed medical help for cardiovascular diseases (CVD).

Personified treatment is being updated through Big Data and it provides constant demand for the platform.

Expected market share is from 10% to 50%, annual revenue of the platform from healthcare facilities - 100 mil USD in 3 years (see "Market volume").
Pharmaceutical companies
Availability of Big Data of good quality brings interest to pharmacy in terms of R&D and also as statistics of correlation of specified drugs by cohorts of patients.

Pharmacy is provided with the opportunity to offer paid advertising for clinicians. They can be presented at the top of the list of commercial names of drugs for specified international non-commercial names of drugs.

Expected revenue from pharmacy - 100 mil USD in 3 years, depends on the audience of the platform.
Market volume
(First wave of Cardiology)
D / Fr / UK / It / Sp
China / India
146 700 000
331 400 000
325 750 000
2 777 500 000
General physicians
163 000
697 000
1 155 355
5 526 500
Patients with cardiovascular diseases (CVD)
44 950 000
121 500 000
30 950 000
284 600 000
Share of patients with CVD from population (%)
9 145
32 640
22 343
29 240
Patients with CVD per one cardiologist
4 915
3 722
1 385
9 733
Price of CDSS license per clinician*/patient**, USD
55 *
112 *
1 **
1 **
Market volume of CDSS, USD (per year)
9 480 000
81 719 000
30 950 000
284 600 000
Steps of creating the platform "Big Data + AI"
Implementation of CDSS for "Cardiology", engineering "Oncology" and "Antibiotics" models
III quarter of 2020
Release of "Breast cancer"
IV quarter of 2020
Release of "Oncology", "Antibiotics"
I-II quarter of 2021
Release of "Lifestyle screening"
III quarter of 2021

Clarity of AI results for personified medical help

It took 18 months to implement the first version.

The model is developed by clinicians-researchers with work experience in clinical recommendations, specialists in meta-analysis and modelling and in close partnership with EHRA.

The model of interpreting Big Data through clinical points of treatment allows to check calculations of the platform with clinical recommendations and scientific researches.

Release of CDSS for cardiology received high ratings from Russian and overseas experts, including the president of EHRA. At the moment a pilot version with the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation on the base of "NMIC of Almazov" is in process.

The results received provide a basis to cover all main diseases on the platform.

Competences of IT specialists of MedicBK allow it to develop in Data Science, Blockchain, Mobile application & messenger.

Partnership for developing the platform "Big Data + AI"

MedicBK - establishing the platform, creation of the content, interaction with experts and the science community
Within the roadmap of a partnership an expansion of the MedicBK team of clinicians-researchers (currently 4 people) and IT-engineers (3 people) is implied.
Partner-integrator of services of the platform
Sale of access licences, integration with healthcare facilities through EHR
Partner - processing and sale of Big Data
Creation of the ecosystem of Big Data Hub with industry players, selling data to the international market.

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