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Healthcare institutions & Telemedicine
Electronic Health Records (EHR)
MedicBK offers healthcare institutions advanced instruments based on the clinical recommendations and scientific data of evidence based medicine to control and plan purchase of drugs, to constantly upgrade clinicians' knowledge online
Training stimulator on virtual patients
Increasing commitment of clinicians to clinical recommendations, shaping knowledge on effectiveness and safety of drugs

The access is provided on MedicBK website without integration with EHR, statistics is available by clinicians and by healthcare institutions
Clinical Decision Support System
Objective and complete information which is based on evidence-based medical data on drugs/interventions for every patient and is used by clinicians on appointments

Integration with EHR, auto-fill of examination results from the records or manually (5 minutes)
Telemedicine integration
- reduces clinician's time by 50%
Observations and Tests check list
MedicBK suggests to telemedicine providers a check list to conduct tests and observations for different disease profiles.
Medical Physician
Physician receives a notification, makes a choice of drugs/interventions in MedicBK and adds comments to the medical report. Time spent: 5-10 minutes.
Medical report and consultation
Patient receives the medical report from the clinician (via e-mail or app) and gets online or offline consultation (if needed). Time spent: 10-20 minutes.
Training stimulator on virtual patients is available for clinicians on MedicBK website after registration and payment

Services with EHR integration are accessed through EHR providers
Access license
It provides clinicians with personal accesses to MedicBK services, it is purchased by nosology and it provides statistics on all clinicians for managers of healthcare institutions
Control and billing
MedicBK server checks the key of access license: by service, nosology, time. In the service "Provision and control of drugs" there are details of billing for every patient
Integration (HL7 standard)
For healthcare institutions integration is done by EHR provider at the moment of integration with MedicBK, access licenses are provided through EHR providers
Clinicians support
MedicBK provides support to license users and also online training for work with services
MedicBK is to make wide use of the current database of evidence-based medicine for everyday medical practice

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